Daniela Roher, PhD, LPC
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7301 East Sundance Trail, Suite #B203, Carefree, AZ 85377
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For over thirty years I have been a psychotherapist, helping people deal with their emotional problems by going below the surface of symptoms and identifying, understanding and changing the deep root causes of problems in their lives.

I use a psycho-dynamic approach informed by attachment theory. This model goes below the surface of symptoms and pays attention to deeper areas of our inner lives where less conscious emotions reside. These unconscious areas create and maintain dysfunctional and painful symptoms and affect our ways of assessing reality, our feelings and our actions and decisions. This clinical approach allows for increased mastery of one’s emotions, leading to healthy affect regulation and a more fulfilling life.

I integrate this mental health model with the latest neuroscientific discoveries on the development and workings of the human brain, as the two are closely related and work in compliment with one another, harnessing the brain’s capacity to rewire itself.

I will be happy to help you achieve your goals of increased well-being, inner freedom, emotional growth, fulfilling relationships and healthy balance in your life.