Civana Wellness Resort & Spa
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37220 Mule Train Road, Carefree, Arizona 85377
Detailed Information
Welcome to CIVANA. A wellness resort like no other. We focus on whole being, well-being and human beings. CIVANA’s four pillars represent our philosophy – Spa, Movement, Nutrition and Discovery.

: As the origin of life, water refreshes and renews our souls and our bodies. It purifies and heals. Our state of the art Spa focuses on water as a primary healing channel.

Breath, sweat, energy, vibration. Movement ignites inspiration. Enjoy many of our holistic wellness classes to balance and recharge.

Food nourishes and gives us energy to embrace the day. Renowned Chef Justin Macy thoughtfully sources healthy, delicious and seasonal ingredients.

A great joy in life is discovery of self, others and our surroundings. We welcome our guests to uncover their potential.