Desert Gardens Outdoor Fitness

Looking for a place to exercise and relax?
The Sanderson Lincoln Pavilion is a great place.
Misters and shade provide a nice cool environment to keep in shape!

Limit 30 participants
10-foot social distancing
Face coverings in and out of pavilion

There are multiple classes and instructors available, please contact them directly for details.

Zumba & Soul Strength

Happy Fitness with Patricia
Call Patricia at 602-451-8899

outdoor zumba and yoga in carefree arizona

Outdoor Yoga for Everyone

Carefree Yoga

This All Levels class starts with a centering to focus on breath and begin to slow down, tune inwards and become present. Followed by a gentle stretch and warm-up to prepare the body to move into more challenging, yet accessible poses. Modifications are given. for various levels of practice. We finish class with a cool-down stretch and svasana (peaceful rest). This class is designed to increase strength, flexibility, balance and stamina with an emphasis on safe alignment. Yogic principles and concepts are weaved into the class structure to offer tools and techniques to integrate into your daily life to create more peace and calm within. Blocks, a blanket, and a strap are all encouraged.